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FOUNDED : 2009 

LOCATION: Manhasset, New York 
CUSTOMERS : Primarily available in Dermatologist offices. Now available online. 
PRODUCTS : Include treatments for acne, anti-aging, discoloration, eye care. We are always striving to treat other dermatological ailments. 

Epiderme Inc was founded in New York in 2009 by skin care professionals determined to find better treatment solutions for various skin ailments. Working together with dermatologists, chemists and other skin care professionals, Epiderme Inc. developed products and regimens that are steadily becoming one of the most successful skincare treatments in the industry. The secret is simple: create great products and always keep the patients' best interests in mind. 

Our Mission 

To provide our customers with the most effective skin treatment systems by combining the most advanced medical remedies with safe and effective dermatology-approved ingredients. 

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